Ledyard High School Track & Field

Project Info

Project Details

  • Ledyard, CT
  • 2020
  • $2,332,684

he Town of Ledyard and the Ledyard Public School System needed a modern track and athletic field to replace the current outdated facilities. KBA initially assessed the existing outdated track and field facility and performed programming with key stakeholders, which ultimately lead to the proposed master plan. The project team assisted the School District in presenting the need for the improvements and estimated project costs to the Town and the general public. 

Upon receiving Town wide approval of the project, KBA was further engaged to prepare construction documents, provide bidding assistance, and assist the District with construction administration services. 

The improvements to the athletic facility extended beyond the replacement of the existing track and conversion of the natural grass field to synthetic turf. This project included addressing accessibility and safety concerns. The existing track and grass field were separated by a concrete curb that varied in height, creating a safety concern for athletes utilizing the track and field. Additionally, track events such as the long/triple jump, pole vault, and high jump were reconfigured to allow for better use of the space. The new synthetic turf field and running track are state of the art surfaces not only for performance, but also for player safety. 

As with all KBA projects, the field was tested to meet industry leading player and ball interaction requirements, ensure the surface performs as close as possible to a natural grass field.

I have played on a ton of turf fields; I would have to guess it is 40 and over. It feels quite nice. Some fields feel very hard and almost like concrete under your feet. This Ledyard field has some give when I go to set and when I am running. I take a lot of direct kicks and corner kicks, so I really am stepping a ton and I have experienced quite a bit of different feelings on many fields. This new field is nice because it has the same feeling you would feel on a grass field where it is not super hard, but the grass is perfect on the turf …
When I fall the turf has some give compared to others where it is like falling on asphalt so that is nice because the impact of the fall does not hurt as much as other facilities

- Jessica E. (Student Soccer and Lacrosse Player)