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Project info

  • Attleboro, MA
  • 2023

The new Attleboro High School includes improvements to the athletic complex to complement the existing stadium, track, and field. The facility includes natural grass, baseball, softball, and field hockey fields with irrigation and multipurpose outfields. The project includes a separate multi-use synthetic turf baseball, softball, soccer, and field hockey complex. There is also a hard-court complex that includes six tennis and one basketball court. As part of the school program the site design includes a K-5 playground that serves student vocational day-care programs.

The complex incorporates sports amenities such as baseball and dugout canopies, batting cages, and bullpens, storage buildings, and ball safety netting. All of the facilities meet the requirements of the National Federation of High Schools, NFHS, and the infrastructure and amenities necessary to host events beyond typical high school sports programs.