Middleborough Police Station

Project Info

Project Details

  • Public Safety
  • Middleborough, MA
  • 2018
  • 15,000 SF

Kaestle Boos completed a study of the Middleborough Police Station to determine the feasibility of renovating the former Pierce Store, a building on the National Register of Historic Places, in which the station is located. The assessment was completed to understand the existing conditions as well as the historic preservation needs. A space needs program was developed through in-depth interviews with Administration and staff. A new addition was designed to house the modern functions of the police station and the existing Pierce Store would be renovated and restored.  The project was not approved for construction at referendum.

Kaestle Boos reviewed and refined the program with the department and evaluated sites for a new police facility.  New floor plans to meet the refined program and the selected site were developed. Features include a secure prisoner processing and detention area, secure evidence processing and storage areas, roll call room, training room, and administrative offices. Bids received for the project were more than $1.5 million below estimate.