Wellfleet Police Station

Project Info

Project Details

  • Public Safety
  • Wellfleet, MA
  • 2018
  • 10,000 SF

Wellfleet Police Station was originally a combined public safety facility, constructed in 1983. When the fire department moved to a new facility, the police department took over both floors, however the organization did support operational changes and new technologies. Kaestle Boos Associates completed an existing conditions evaluation and space needs assessment of the facility and site to identify all building concerns. Facility renovations include a secure prisoner processing and detention area, better organized circulation, and updated technology throughout the building.

We found Kaestle Boos to be a great asset. They took the time to listen and learn how we operate as an agency and what we believe is our valued assets. Combining their experience, expertise, and what they learned about our agency, they were able to come up with a design that will meet the needs of the police department now and into the future.

- Chief Ronald L. Fisette, Wellfleet Police Department