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Project info

  • Providence, RI
  • 2023
  • 75,837

KBA collaborated with Achievement First Schools to convert a 75,000 SF former office building to a 700 student charter high school. The project is a full interior renovation with building envelope improvements and system upgrades.

Design challenges included fitting educational spaces into an existing structural grid. The areas with the largest open spaces had to become the cafeteria and gymnasium to avoid major structural re-design.  Designing for multiple level changes on each floor was another challenge. The new classrooms were designed around those levels to retain as much of the existing as possible and ensure all levels were ADA accessible. The challenge was to design educational spaces that fit into an existing structural grid. The school also includes a media center, classrooms, science classrooms/labs, break-out spaces, small group learning spaces, and administrative spaces. 

The media center includes multiple spaces to accommodate a variety of group sizes; it has a learning stair that seats more 100 people, booths for 4-6 people, and cubbies for 1-2 people. The project is compliant with NE CHPS v3.2 sustainability and energy efficiency standards.