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Project info

  • Newtown, CT
  • 2020
  • 13,225,000

The new Newtown Police facility project was an adaptive reuse and renovation of the existing one-story commercial facility, with a small detention addition. The brick exterior renovation adds visual interest to its low, horizontal impression. The look was achieved by replacing existing batten and seam metal wall panels with ribbed panels above the small windows and flat, horizontal panels in between.  Along with the slight color change between the wall panels, a visual rhythm was created to reduce the impact of the low, horizontal image. The projecting entry addition was clad in the ribbed panels on top of manufactured stone veneer.  Coupled with a large glass entry with a canopy allowing natural light to spill into the adjacent Records and Communications rooms, the public entry announces itself within the rhythmic pattern of the horizontal façade.

Atop the building sat two existing clerestory window monitors.  These were reused to focus a sense of openness within the center of the building providing a central axis. The axis accentuated the breakroom and staff conditioning room allowing the building to be organized with a perimeter corridor wrapping around this central core. The small, but plentiful windows permitted natural light to permeate the offices arranged at the exterior of the building.

The bold color palette took its cues from the department’s seal, which was also the inspiration for a unique, three-dimensional metal art piece featured in the main lobby. The deep, saturated blues are continually juxtaposed by moments of crisp white and accents of cheery yellow. The dark hues, along with a rich wood tone gives the entire building a classic feel that can withstand the test of time. While more whimsical materials, such as the modeled teal subway tile, and modern pendants in the break room keep the space looking fresh and lighthearted.

Form and Function:

  • Dual-bay sallyport, various types of detention cells, secure evidence processing and storage areas.
  • 1,200 SF community room available for public activities/ meetings located in a “less secure” section of the building, making for simpler public access and engagement within the facility.

“KBA became an immediate partner in the project, conducting a needs assessment, site assessment, site design and the final design of an approximately $15 million dollar project. The expertise, knowledge and team approach supplied by KBA resulted in our agency moving into our new facility in November of 2020, ahead of schedule and under budget. As a novice in building a police facility it was reassuring to work with such consummate professionals. They fulfilled every aspect of their original proposal, accompanied me in endless meetings presenting the project to community members and elected officials, ultimately resulting in a resounding referendum approval, allowing us to move forward with the project. The entire design team was committed to our project and never disappointed us in delivering an excellent facility, while keeping needs and budgets in balance….”

- Chief James Viadero, Newtown Police