Moser School

Project Info

Project Details

  • Education
  • Rocky Hill, CT
  • 2019
  • 79,100 SF

The new Moser intermediate school was designed for students in grades four and five with the goal of reducing student overcrowding while providing with an efficient transition from elementary school to middle school. The design supports a dynamic 21st century teaching and learning environment which combines various characteristics of both the elementary model and the middle school model. It features a two-story academic wing with six small learning communities surrounding a central learning commons. Each learning community includes three classrooms, a STEM science lab, and shared collaboration spaces between classrooms for small group and interdisciplinary learning. Additional breakout spaces are incorporated into the circulation to provide flexibility within the school. 

The music classrooms, cafetorium, gymnasium and support services are located apart from academic areas allowing for secure access during after-hours community use. The scale, massing, and materials of the new facility is characteristic of a village to compliment the surrounding residential neighborhood. Additional features include outdoor learning areas, a new baseball field, a multi-purpose field and age appropriate playscapes. The facility meets CT High Performance requirements.

Throughout the planning and construction phases of our intermediate school project, KBA staff members have demonstrated the ability to work well with various stakeholders including the project construction manager, the owner’s representative, key school staff members, town employees, and both elected and appointed officials with various areas of oversight. The professional team at KBA has demonstrated leadership capabilities, a high degree of knowledge, and strong communication skills. KBA has also consistently displayed expertise with respect to meeting Connecticut’s construction, bidding, and documents-related requirements and achieving required state approvals.

- Mark F. Zito, Ed.D, Superintendent, Rocky Hill Public Schools